Frequently Asked Questions

How can you participate in the Pre-Sale?

The pre-sale is listed on Unicrypt and you can access it by clicking the link below.

When will the pre-sale take place?

The pre-sale will take place from September 12 to September 19, unless the Hardcap is met (1.000 BNB).

What are these pre-sale rounds?

Pre-sale rounds is a way Unicrypt has to reward its investors, round 0 - 1 are available for people who buy UNCL/UNI tokens and burn/hold them on the platform, however, round 2 starts two hours after round 1, and everyone will be able to buy in without holding any Unicrypt tokens.

How long until the pre-sale Round 1 starts?

It will start at 17:00 UTC on September 12, you can check the countdown here.

When will I get the tokens bought on the pre-sale?

You will be able to claim them on Unicrypt's site as soon as the Pre-sale ends, either by hitting the hardcap, if we don't, it will end on September 19.

When will the game be released?

The game will be released on September 12, however, you will only be able to play if you have $ETERNAL, which will be locked until the pre-sale Ends.

When will $ETERNAL be listed on PancakeSwap for trading?

$ETERNAL will be released and have its liquidity pool created as soon as the pre-sale ends, can't be bought before that.

Why are so many tokens locked?

Tokens are locked for the user's peace of mind, they won't be unlocked until the limitations are lifted, check our tokenomics to learn more.

Where's the token contract?

You can check our tokenomics page to learn more. $ETERNAL contract address is: 0xD44FD09d74cd13838F137B590497595d6b3FEeA4

When can I resell my tokens?

You'll be able to sell and trade your tokens as soon as the pre-sale ends.

What's the minimum/max amount I can buy?

Minimum is however much you want, and the maximum limit is 2.5 BNB per wallet.

How much is the minting cost?

The minting cost will be approx 20$ (tracked by the Oracle) for each NFT.

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