Core Mechanic

The RAID is a race of accumulation of Mining Power, abundantly rewarding the explorers who manage to mine the planets with the highest amount of unexploited resources, in simple words, the Planets where a lower amount of mining power is accumulated will grant a higher reward.

The reward of each player will be directly related to what his fleet contributed to the RAID, the higher the contribution, the higher the rewards.

There are three classifications that players can obtain when attending a RAID:

  • Engineers

  • Veterans

  • Bounty Hunters

These three classifications will be given to the players depending on the Planet of their choice at the moment of attending the Raid.

Engineers: It is given to those players that achieve the victory in the RAID, being those that at the moment of the RAID closing have managed to mine the Planet with less accumulated Mining Power. Their rewards are the best in the long term since fuel and improved fleet experience are given.

Veterans: They correspond to the second place in the RAID, being those who mined the intermediate Planet in terms of accumulated Mining Power. Their rewards are in a middle point where you can get the most experience for your fleet and some fuel.

Bounty Hunters: They are those who directly mined the Planet with the highest amount of Mining Power accumulated, thus being in last place. Their rewards are short term, as they will only be given $ETERNAL.

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