The rewards given in the RAID will be calculated in the following way: Taking into account the Mining Power contributed by the explorer, the reward obtained on the highest planet he can access will be used and multiplied by his percentage of success, then the main mechanics of the Raid will be taken into account, remembering that the winners are those who explore the planet with the most resources and have accumulated the least amount of Mining Power.

¿What are normalized rewards?

They are calculated based on the reward of the Planet you attend, multiplied by the percentage of success you have to carry out a successful expedition. This result would be better reflected in a more extensive sample of time.

Normalized Rewards = Base Rewards * Success Rate

A simple example to take into account: We have an A rank fleet with 750 MP, this fleet would normally explore Planet 7 with an 81% success rate. Their rewards in the Raid would be approximately calculated based on their normalized rewards.

Leaderboard table:

Rewards table:

Finally, RAID rewards will be calculated as follows:

RAID Rewards = Normalized Reward * Leaderboard Multiplier.

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