Veterans Guild

Guilds with sufficient mining power will be known as Veteran Guilds, these guilds are more likely to carry out successful exploration on less dangerous planets.

Veteran Guilds will get an additional enhanced success rate when they reach the mining power (MP) threshold of 1,500 when returning to lower planets. This encourages players to grow their guild, hire more workers and get more spaceships, not only for more $ETERNAL but also for better success rates.

Guilds will have better chances when facing problems on less dangerous planets, this increases your success rate by 2% per planet when traveling to a lower level planet and will accumulate as you go down Planet Level.

As an example, let's say you have 2,000 MP which allows you to travel to the 20th Planet(20), this Planet has a success rate of 49% with a Fleet Rank B. However, if you return to Planet 15, you would normally have a Success Rate of 59%, the Success Rate enhanced by the additional Bonus will be 10% due to our higher MP, achieving a total success rate of 69%. The Veterans guild has a cap on the success rate it can achieve on each planets stretch, being as follows:

Section 1: from Planet 1 to Planet 10: Success Rate cap 97%. Section 2: from Planet 11 to Planet 20: Success Rate cap 97%. Section 3: fromPlanet 21 to Planet 25: Success Rate cap 93%. Section 4: from Planet 26 to Planet 30: Success Rate cap 91%.

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