RAIDs are weekly events within the Metaverse of CryptoMines that allow players to explore 3 Planets controlled by other factions, in this event different rewards will be dropped depending on who wins the RAID, $ETERNAL, Fuel, Experience and Lootboxes will be revealed later.

Your faction comes into play during the RAID because you will not be able to mine planets that correspond to your faction, if you are Muathen, you will have to explore Threzor or Avaria.

To attend the RAID your fleet must not be tired and must have an active contract, however, you will not require Fuel to attend it.

Reminder: RAIDS also function as a normalization system for all players, allowing the existence of a day where everyone can be rewarded. You will also have to choose between attending the RAID or a common mining day, you will not be able to attend both with the same fleet.

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